Service Department Information
Listed below is a sample of the services we perform at the specified mileage increments recommended by our technicians and the manufacturers.

Please call for an explanation of services performed and prices for specific vehicles.

This is a general listing and will change depending on the year, make and model vehicle.

Service department phone number: (215) 675-6769
Replace Engine Oil (Done Also at 45,000; 75,000; 105,000 Miles)
Install Genuine Manufacturers Oil Filter Includes Complete 7,500 Mile Service
Replace Oil Drain Plug Washer Plus the Following:
Check all Fluid Levels - Replenish if Necessary Adjust Rear Brakes and Parking Brake Where Applicable
Lubricate Door & Hood Hinges Replace Transmission Fluid (automatic only)
Check Tire Pressure and Adjust if Necessary Adjust Valves to Factory specs. and Replace Valve Cover Gasket (Where Applicable)
Inspect and Clean Battery Terminals Road Test Vehicle
  Balance Two Front Tires
(Done Also at 22,500; 37,500; 52,500; 67,500; 82,500 Miles) (Done Also at 60,000; 90,000; 120,000; 150,000 miles)
Replace Engine Oil Includes Complete 15,000 Mile Service
Install Genuine Manufacturers Oil Filter Plus the Following:
Replace Oil Drain Plug Washer Replace Spark Plugs(Where applicable)
Check all Fluid Levels - Replenish if Necessary Replace Genuine Manufacturers Air Filter
Lubricate Door & Hood Hinges Replace Genuine Manufacturers Filter(Where applicable)
Check Tire Pressure and Adjust if Necessary Replace Manufacturers Distributor Cap and Rotor (Where applicable)
Perform Tire Rotation Replace Radiator Coolant / Anti-Freeze
Inspect Engine Drive Belts and Adjust if Necessary Spin Balance 4 Wheels
Inspect Front Brake Pads, Calipers, Rotors Replace Transmission Fluid
Inspect Clutch Adjustment and Adjust if Necessary (Where Applicable) Replace Differential Oil(Where Applicable)
Inspect Engine Idle Speed and Adjust if Necessary Road Test Vehicle
Inspect Exhaust System (Hangers, Mounts, etc.)  
Inspect all Chassis and Drivetrain Components  
Inspect Air Filter For Contamination  
Inspect Engine Timing and Adjust to Factory Specs.  
Our Technicians perform all other repairs and service work in addition to our recommended maintenance schedule. We are your complete auto care center. Some of the other services A&H Motorsport performs on a daily basis:
PA State/ Emission Inspections
Tires and Wheel Alignments
Accessory Installations- we install what we sell!
Timing Belt/ Water Pump Replacements
Engine Performance and Driveability Repairs
Suspension/ Bushing Repairs
Complete Exhaust Repairs
Air Conditioning Repairs
Call (215) 675-6769 to schedule a service appointment or email.

Service Department Hours:
Monday - Friday: 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET
Closed Weekends

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